We are a duly registered and licensed professional company based in Nairobi, Kenya dealing in Commercial cleaning Solutions, Sales of Cleaning machines, Project Management, Facility Management and Consultancy.

Driven by the desire to provide the best quality, reliable cleaning solutions, our focus is on providing top-notch and high quality products and services under the brand name kleanmax with a view to meeting the diverse client needs ranging from hotels, hospitals, corporate organizations, cleaning companies, government institutions and individuals institutions that need to do their cleaning and housekeeping.

Our company has four professional product lines namely:-

  • Industrial Scrubbers & Related Cleaning Equipment
  • Industrial Vacuum cleaners
  • Hotel amenities both outdoor and lobby
  • Accessories and spares for cleaning and related equipment
  • Consumables for the housekeeping/cleaning industry
  • Industrial safety equipment and related accessories
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To be the principal and one stop shop for the cleaning/housekeeping industry company in East Africa Region and beyond that is most respected for its effective and efficient performance, modest partnerships, creativity and professionalism.



To deliver quality services above our client’s expectations by supply of high quality products use of highly qualified, experienced and motivated human resource, innovative technology and continuous improvement in quality of our service delivery. We have invested heavily in Research and development to keep up with the latest trends in the industry.